Thursday, June 3, 2010

Level 3 Expands Oprations in Boston

BOSTON, Jun 03, 2010 -- Level 3 Communications, Inc. today announced that it has expanded its operations and is enhancing its local presence in Boston. This initiative reflects Level 3's ongoing commitment to enhancing its presence in local markets throughout the country, with the goal of providing mid-market enterprises with a world-class customer experience.
"It's encouraging to see Level 3 invest in Boston and bring local businesses competitive solutions for a broad range of communication services," said Brenda MacDonald, senior vice president of carrier operations for TNCI, Inc. "While much of the industry is focused on operational consolidation, Level 3's local approach demonstrates their commitment toward meeting their customers' region-specific needs."
In support of this local-expansion effort, Level 3 is growing and realigning its local workforce in Boston to combine a local presence, in-depth marketplace knowledge and broad expertise in the communications industry. Through a combination of its extensive backbone network, metro fiber-optic footprint, and a locally focused sales and customer support team, Level 3 provides greater opportunities for mid-market enterprises to take advantage of Level 3's broad portfolio of communications services.
"Boston is a unique market and one that is a crucial part of our local strategy," said Tracy Davis, Level 3's general manager for New England. "Offering industry expertise and a local marketplace knowledge gleaned from our on-the-ground support team, Level 3 is committed to continually improving the customer experience in Boston and providing high-quality communications services that offer a competitive alternative for local businesses."
The company plans to add capacity to the network in the region and expand the number of businesses that are directly connected to the Level 3 network. This expansion will provide mid-market enterprises with access to the full suite of Level 3 services and allow them to quickly and easily increase their bandwidth as business needs grow. The expansion of operations in Boston marks the continuation of a locally focused strategy that Level 3 launched successfully in mid-2009.


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