Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The most exciting thing to happen to the world of cleaning fiber optics since…EVER!

Linden Photonics introduces a new cleaning media that revolutionizes the way you clean fiber optics.  Lindex is a nanomaterial that drastically improves the effectiveness of a simple cleaning tool.  This patent pending technology has been specifically designed to clean all of the most difficult to remove contamination.

Traditional fiber optic swabs have a cotton or foam material at the cleaning end.  These cleaning materials have little to no absorption and effectively move around the contamination.

Linden Photonics has made the first true innovation to fiber optic cleaning media, using Carbon NanoTubes to actually adhere to and absorb contamination.

·        Dry Adhesive works with or without solvents

·        No cross contamination

·        More than 10 times the cleaning power of existing materials

The Lindex swab is designed for easy cleaning of fiber optic receptacles or ferrules located within adapters. The swab is coated with our patent pending nanomaterial. Sizes are available for most existing ferrules.

Contact Linden Photonics for more information or to order this revolutionary cleaning tool. info@lindenphotonics.com 978-392-7985