Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Telstra to Upgrade Melbournew to Sydney Link

JULY 14, 2009 -- Telstra says it will upgrade the capacity of the Next IP network between Melbourne and Sydney to cope with a tenfold increase in network traffic volumes between the two cities.
Michael Rocca, group managing director, Telstra Networks & Services, said the upgrade will use Ericsson optical transmission technology to accommodate growing transmission demand on the inter-capital route.
"In the past five years, IP traffic on the inter-capital routes has grown tenfold and while this is not having any detrimental impact on our customers, it is imperative that we keep ahead of the surge in demand for the carriage of voice, data and video," Rocca said.
"Australian organizations are realizing the tremendous productivity benefits achievable with the Telstra IP network. Upon completion in March 2010, we expect these will be the fastest and highest-capacity transmission links available in Australia, providing four times the capacity available today and helping keep Telstra customers head and shoulders ahead above the rest for many years to come."
Demand on telecommunication networks is generally focused on capital cities as a result of greater population and the concentration of international voice and data links in those areas.
The upgrade will increase the capacity of Telstra's existing DWDM transmission technology from 10 to 40 Gbps and will use underlying optical fiber infrastructure without requiring major changes to the network.
Telstra will use Ericsson's Marconi MHL 3000 DWDM platform for the upgrade.